Alternative & complementary therapies having pain alleviating and complication preventing effects are gaining popularity with patients suffering from chronic forms of psoriasis including psoriatic arthritis.

According to the surveys conducted for the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine alternative & complementary therapies are used by 36% of Americans. These therapies range from nutrition control (diet, supplements and herbs) to mind/body management methods (physical therapies, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, exercise, tai chi and acupuncture ancient arts).

Although the effectiveness of alternative & complementary means for treating psoriasis and its complicated forms (e.g. psoriatic arthritis) is sometimes supported with anecdotal evidence, researchers continue to study them in terms of safety, dietary outcomes and drug interaction. They confirm the safety of alternative & complementary therapies, however warn patients against their careless use as they can negatively interact with other prescribed treatment means. Therefore, people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis are recommended to discuss with their doctors or health care professionals the possibility of including any complementary or alternative therapies into the psoriasis treatment plans.

Mind and Body Therapies

Body and mind care methods can be found helpful for controlling psoriasis as psoriasis definition itself mentions stress as one of this disease‚Äôs causes. Aromatherapy Relaxing and soothing fragrances can help you harmonize your mood. Aromatic oils, extracted from plants/flowers, can be used in different ways: as a skin application during bath or massage, as? Read More »

Herbal Remedies

Herbs/Natural Remedies You should weigh all pros & cons of herbal remedies before starting to take them. You should be aware of consequences of their interaction with other medications. Mind the conditions which can be contraindications for using certain natural remedies for psoriasis: mood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, breastfeeding. In case of any? Read More »