Psoriasis is one of the most mysterious and badly responding to treatment diseases. It is almost impossible to get rid of it once and for all. The only thing on what patients can count upon is the achievement of stable remission. Moreover, a single and generally accepted by the world medical community methodology of treatment doesn’t exist as there is no medicinal preparation which can guarantee the remission. Treatment of psoriasis is almost always complex: the part of medicines and procedures is referred on the removal of the reason of psoriasis exacerbations, the part is urged to soften unpleasant symptoms of illness, and the other part is necessary for maintenance of own protective forces of an organism. In this section we will describe all the currently known facilities and methodologies of psoriasis treatment, and we will try to give an answer for a question, from what to start with to a person who have heard the disappointing diagnosis from the doctor.

Topical Treatment

Psoriasis cream is the first answer to the question “How to treat psoriasis?” This means which is embrocated into the affected area allows for reducing the symptoms without causing system side effects which is often the case with oral medicines. The most popular local psoriasis treatments are as follows: Salicylic acid Recommended by doctors in? Read More »

Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Topical lesions can be significantly reduced due to regular sunlight doses. Light therapy is considered effective and therefore was frequently recommended by doctors as treatment for psoriasis, especially in persistent, complicated cases. Though PUVA comprising a combination of drug psoralen with ultraviolet A light (UVA) was often chosen as a    method in recent years? Read More »