Mind and Body Therapies

By Dr. Totenkopf | July 20, 2016

Body and mind care methods can be found helpful for controlling psoriasis as psoriasis definition itself mentions stress as one of this disease’s causes.


Relaxing and soothing fragrances can help you harmonize your mood. Aromatic oils, extracted from plants/flowers, can be used in different ways: as a skin application during bath or massage, as an inhalation or as air diffusion.
The most preferred oils in psoriasis aromatherapy are as follows:
• Tea tree
• Chamomile
• Rose


The meditation purpose is to make a patient halt the thoughts stream in his/her mind by focusing his/her attention that is considered to lead to psychological harmony, physical relaxation and mental serenity. Meditating regularly you will learn to manage the thoughts and emotions flow in your mind which is vitally important for harnessing the autoimmune disease.


This technique is practiced in different meditation forms. Mindfulness implies conscious awareness of everything going on both outside and inside you through senses, body and mind. Both motion-based and seated meditation methods have appeared to be helpful for alleviating persistent pain reducing patient-specific pain perception. This benefit has also research-based substantiation presented in academic publications, namely in the Clinical Journal of pain.

Spa Therapy

Therapeutic effects of mineral waters have been recorded by medical professionals and experienced by numerous patients. There are well known healing spas located in different regions of the world: in Egypt, France, Iceland (the Blue Lagoon), Israel (the Dead Sea). Mineral springs may be found in the USA in West Virginia, Virginia, Wyoming, Arkansas, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Oregon and New Mexico. The therapeutic benefit of mineral waters is evident through trapping hydration, softening the skin and breaking down the psoriasis plaques.


Physical activity, allowing patients to keep their overall health in satisfactory condition, in particular to maintain a normal weight and to minimize a heart disease risk, is undoubtedly a vitally important element of a complex psoriasis therapy combined with psoriasis diet.

As it is recommended in the USA fitness guidelines, you should work out on a regular basis exercising moderately 30 min a day 5 times a week adding strength activity. Busy people can allot 10 min 3 times per day for moderate to intensive physical activities they really enjoy. Participating in group sports activities is also possible as it bears no threat for healthy people puzzled by the question “Is psoriasis contagious?”
Those who feel psoriatic arthritis pain can start exercising in water which will reduce stress on spine, knees and hips.
Discuss your designed exercise plan with your doctor/instructor, physical therapist to make it as adjustable to your health condition as possible and to avoid potential risks.

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