Psoriasis Symptoms

By Dr. Totenkopf | July 23, 2016

People suffering from this skin disorder do not usually experience similar symptoms of psoriasis, which varying from patient to patient depend mainly on the psoriasis type and its severity. Medical professionals highlight the following common psoriasis symptoms:
– Skin dryness, possible skin cracking and bleeding
– Burning, itching or sore skin
– Silvery white scaly plaques
– Reddish bulging inflamed lesions
– Small-sized red individual spots commonly experienced by adolescents and children
– Pock-marked nails, possible nail separation from the bed

What Part of Your Body is Affected?

Psoriasis typically shows up on the torso, knees or elbows. However, it may also be manifested anywhere, including the hands, feet, nails, face, genitals, skin holds. Different treatment may be needed for curing psoriasis in different areas.
Psoriasis condition can be accompanied by psoriasis arthritis which is diagnosed if patients complain of painful, stiff or swelling joints.
Inform your doctor of any symptom you have to make tour treatment plan as adjustable to your health condition as possible, which will significantly reduce the discomfort caused by the disease.

Psoriasis Itching

Some patients find the burning itch more difficult to endue than other more visible symptoms, in particular skin redness or scales.
Discuss your itching symptom with your doctor who will recommend you how to manage it. He can advise you to apply one of the medications that follow:
1) Steroids
2) Antihistamine
3) Phototherapy
4) Topical anesthetics
The other measures which may be taken at home to reduce symptoms of psoriasis include:
1) Moisturizing the skin
2) Using a keratolytic cream for softening scales
3) Taking a cold shower or applying a cold pack. Hot water which may make your skin dryer should be avoided.

Additional recommendations can be given by your pharmacist. Do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor any changes in your treatment program to achieve a long-term remission.

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